Bodysuits: The Most Versatile Layering Piece You don't Own

Bodysuits are versatile, comfy and a girl best friend. It can be worn as a layering piece under an over-sized sweater or as lingerie. It is suitable in any season, and make a girl feel extra sexy. This is a staple piece that is needed in your closet and worth the investment.  Bodysuits have been around since the 80's and it isn't going anywhere. Designers have added their personal touches to make this closet staple a fashion statement.  I remember my first bodysuit, which isn't long ago, I fell in-love with that basic black bodysuit immediately, yes it was pretty basic, but I learn to appreciate the versatility and started adding more to my collection. I promise you, once you get a hold of a bodysuit, you will realized a hidden gem you have taken for granted far too long.  

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