Holiday Glam In Palazzo Pants

Have you ever tried wearing these pair of pants during the Holidays? Neither do, I bet you did not think about it. What do you think of how I styled it to make it as a Holiday outfit piece? These Palazzo pants are wide leg so it works like a long skirt and the color is cream so it is a neutral color and when I saw the Black blouse with metallic streaks on it. It really got into my creative mind like why not try them out.

I always think I cannot be looking like everybody else right? I wore a pair of black heels to match the top and the heels has a gold piece on it too. I ‘m really excited on how this look came out as I really thought I will not be able to make it work but I did. I also think it will work with velvet burgundy colors to match it.

Tell me your thoughts about it? I am welcome with all other ideas. Have you ever tried wearing a Palazzo pants yourself?

I hope I was able to give you an out of the box Idea for this outfit inspiration. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!



Photo: Novel (my better half)

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