NYSFE2016 fashioned by www.fashionfrenzyatl.com

NYSFE2016 fashioned by fashionfrenzyatl.com


New York Summer Fashion Explosion 2016 warmed the lights with dazzling Red Carpet fashionettes, the most luxurious in one night, in one famed city Manhattan, NYC, known for exceptional taste and remedy in style.

The Dress code formula evident from the production team, sponsors, and guests adding a euphoric existence to the air of glamour.

From the Beautifully clean draped backdrop first emerged Nicole Coley Cole introducing host and co-host of the evening, Bianca Golden and Kim DePaola who both announced the first designer of ten, International designer Lani C who hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica dazzled the runway exhibiting her designs being the youngest designer on set.

The ooouus and ahhhs could be heard as the momentum strengthened with fashionfrenzyatl.com collection theme ‘welcome home summer’, this 60foot runway was made especially for you styled by Celebrity shoe designer John Ashford New York.

Any model’s playground you must imagine, enough length to express confidence and passion for fashion all the up on the 18th floor Penn Top; Hotel Pennsylvania New York ballroom was lit.

The first segment also included R-Vaun Collection ready to wear edge on colors for on and off duty; Reine by Racquel the all day to the evening bloom occasion specific semi formal collection also stylist for NYSFE2016 red-carpet host Jules Nobles; Steph Jamiah with modern evening flamboyance each piece adding twinkles as the diligent models strutted with enthusiasm.

The flow was seamless and the very important persons that night dabbled in the VIP-lounge, an extended feature of the event which entailed an adhesive influence through its tasteful exquisite milieu.

During the intermissions, performances by Jo Paul, Orlando of La Soul and Money Mark thrilled the attentive audience as the event advanced to the second segment.

As the audience attention was summoned to the runway, Art2theskin applied her imagination of modern understanding in comparison to some of history’s ancient expressions through the observed emotional power relating to masculinity.

Victoria Wright was next in line, adding feminine energy through a quality too extraordinary for description. Each model form confirmed worth for the VW designs.

Adventure awaits, whispered the heart of New York designer Samantha Leibowitz collection. As the fabrics danced elegantly with the Terri two piece multi being my favorite. The runway was in bold action as N’BODI collection enforced the results of embracing the woman in you with pieces hugging and loving the body; the impressions were alive. Erika’s creation originals for your occasion only one of a kind design ending with the queen to crown the runway just the right glam to close the night of NYSFE 2016.

The anticipation is boiling for 2017.


Special thanks to the sponsors Evolve Media

Director of Photography: Stylography Photography by Jeff Levy; Runway Stylist: Larissa Favier

Catch the highlights of New York Summer Explosion 2016 Here:


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