TAI, home of the B.A.G. Handbag on Wheels, was created by Tiffany Anisette to house her growing ventures in health care products, services and life enrichment information. The B.A.G. (acronym for the “Business Active Girl”) is her patented signature product line of high quality, couture carry all purse, shoulder and pull bags. Tiffany Anisette, one of the first minority owner operators of a successful Massage Practice in Beaufort, SC served executives, vacationers, and beautiful women who sought out the gifted hands of this licensed Massage Therapist, to alleviate their neck, shoulder, and back pain. Tiffany realized the problem was common especially to women, who carried heavy bags on their shoulders or unevenly distributed in their hands or arms. Her research showed her that these bags often weighed up to 10lbs ! So Tiffany created the B.A.G. Handbag on Wheels. Not only did the B.A.G provide comfort to women and their bodies, it also provided a sophistication and flair that women desired. Tiffany wanted to help women live healthier, pain free lives. The B.A.G on wheels solves this problem, and a bag that women are proud to carry as a fashionable alternative to the boring black industrial look.

Tiffany Anisette Pringle has worked diligently to enhance the lifestyle of women in many ways. Along with the B.A.G she is the author of, Dare To Be a Diamond, a chronicle of her life and experiences that helped to shape and form her into the wife, mother, minister, woman she is today. She founded “The Diamond Movement,” another TAI venture, as community for women and teens to come together and discuss issues of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, and Empowerment.

Made in the USA